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Voices – 70 Artists speak about defining Moments in Music and Theater (German and English Edition)

What motivates young people to become singers, actors, musicians, conductors, or stage directors? What inspired them once and left them with a desire to strive for excellence? What were essential experiences and encounters?

In VOICES, seventy artists speak about formative music and theater events, about key moments in the family and at school, about their personal experiences with works and composers, teachers and mentors, conductors and directors. They point out why the stage is unrivaled as a powerhouse of emotions. And why, for them, the stage will remain the ideal habitat, despite stress, fear, doubts, and setbacks.

While most of the texts are based on conversations Christine Cerletti and conducted with the artists during the pandemic in 2021/22, some of them penned their own contribu­tions. At the same time, this unique compilation of key moments documents a history of music lived through personally, from 1945 to the present.

This musical history comes with 440 photographs illustrating the powerful effects of music and theater. The pictures convey how a performance, a recording, or an encounter with a great artist can change a life. And they communicate how deep the longing for such experiences can be, especially in times of crisis.